Author: Giovanni Curmi

Crêpe Day @ GCHSS

The SRC – Student Representative Council – Higher Secondary and the French Department have teamed up to organise a ‘crêpe’ day at school on Wednesday 1st March. Students of French and SRC students prepared the ‘crêpes’ with the help of the French teacher and students from Rouen who are in Malta on an Erasmus+ project. […]

Updated Tests/Exams Timetable & Room Allocation

The updated timetables for the upcoming March Tests/Final Examinations and the respective room allocations can be found below: First Year Tests Second Year Final Examinations Room Allocation  

Career Talk

GCHSS today welcomed the Chamber of Engineers who spoke to students about potential career options related to Engineering. This career talk was organised by the GCHSS Guidance & Counselling Service

Ash Wednesday @ GCHSS

There is no one like our God It’s that time of the year again where we slow down our busy lives and reflect on everything that we’re grateful for and worrying us. Join us next Wednesday for a morning of reflection and prayer infront of the Eucharist

Carnival Holidays

A kind reminder that the school Carnival Holidays are on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st February 2023. School resumes on Wednesday 22nd February 2023.

Valentine’s Day Flower Event

Well done to the SRC – Student Representative Council – Higher Secondary members for organising the Valentine’s Day Flower Event and the GCHSS students who, through their participation and donation, made the event a truly successful one.

Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) in Ciriè, Italy

A group of students, accompanied by their teachers, last week took part in a Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) in Ciriè, Italy together with other students from Italy and Finland. During this mobility, students had the opportunity to work with Augmented Reality to understand and familiarise themselves with two of the Sustainable Development goals. This […]

Fall in Love with a Book

The school library has put up an exhibition of books to celebrate Valentine’s day. The fiction on display is wide-ranging to include historical novels, foreign literature and award-winning authors, diversity and inclusion, all revolving around the theme of romantic love. Books are in English, Maltese and some foreign languages. Everybody is welcome to browse and […]

Visit by French Students

On Thursday 2nd February, a group of 10 French students from the Lycée Jeanne d’Arc in Rouen and their teacher received a warm welcome at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School. They came to Malta for a month on an Erasmus project and they will be following lessons at our school. On Friday 3rd February, the […]

iChoose Fair 2023

The GCHSS Guidance and Counselling Team are currently participating in the iChoose Career Fest being held at the MFCC. The team provided information to prospective students about courses offered by GCHSS.  Other departments from GCHSS, such as Biology, Chemistry and Computing were also present with the EO of the subject to guide attending students.