Non-Formal Accredited Study Programme (MQF 3)



1 Year


Sep 2021

Course Information

In line with the National Curriculum Framework, GCHSS strives to equip students with the plethora of 21st Century skills that employers expect from their workforce. Concurrently with the ability to achieve academic qualifications, GCHSS is offering the possibility to students to develop life skills to help them adjust to an ever-changing environment in a non-formal manner. Students are given the opportunity to hone their soft skills such as creativity, leadership, motivation, teamwork and communication through a number of programmes comprising: 


Education for Sustainable Development 

Introducing EU Affairs 

JAYE Malta Company Programme 

Leadership Skills 

Mind Yoga for Wellness and Achievement 


Practising and Entrepreneurship Skills 

The Art of Drama 

These one-year programmes are accredited at MQF Level 3 (equivalent to a SEC/O Level). 
For more information about these programmes please visit our Prospectus: