UPDATED: Enrollment of Foreign Students for Academic Year 2021/22

GCHSS will be accepting applications from foreign students at the school campus on the 15th, 16th and 17th September 2021.  Foreign students who intend to apply are to call 21431407 between 08:00 and 12:00 (noon) to set an appointment.

All foreign students (EU nationals or Third Country nationals) need to present the following documents: 

  1. A valid (not expired) Residence Permit Card obtained from Identity Malta; 
  2. A copy of the original passport or ID card; 
  3. A copy of the original passports or ID cards of parents or legal guardians; 
  4. A copy of a valid (not expired) Residence Permit Card of parents or legal guardians; 
  5. A copy of work permit/or licence to operate a business of one of the parents or legal guardian; 
  6. A copy of contract of lease of residence of parents or legal guardians;
  7. A copy of recognition of the academic qualifications by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre. Only a MQF Level 3 or equivalent (or better) is accepted by GCHSS. The student might be asked to sit for a proficiency test in English; 
  8. Third Country nationals (non-EU) are requested to pay the required fee at the Education Division, Accounts Section, Great Siege Road, Floriana. A receipt of payment for the whole scholastic year is to be presented; 
  9. Third Country nationals (non-EU) may request exemption from fees by applying at the Educational Institutions Board, Education Division, Great Siege Road, Floriana.