Individual Study Programme for Adult Learners (IPAL)

DurationOne scholastic year

Eligibility: Students who completed the two year 6th Form Course or adults of 18 years of age and over. Students can only apply again for this course upon satisfactory achievement in the previous year. Students who completed 1st year Sixth Form and are applying for the IPAL course will be accepted only if they have satisfactory results in 1st year.

Course Content : Subjects are offered according to availability and timetable constraints. Student can only take a maximum of 25 lessons per week and in line with guidelines provided in the prospectus. For subjects that are not offered at Refresher Level, students can opt for both 1st and 2nd year if they have already studied the subject. Where Refresher Level is offered, students will be able to choose the subject only if they have already studied it at Sixth Form level. Students with no knowledge of the subject can choose it at 1st and 2nd year concurrently only where indicated in the subject page.

Subject Choice: Subjects may be chosen at any level according to the prerequisites listed in each subject page found on this website.