Our Guiding Principle

Our Mission Statement

To provide further education opportunities through the comprehensive development
of our students’ competences in a caring learning environment.

To offer a second-chance education focused on high academic achievement.

Who We Are

Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School (GCHSS) is one of the leading post-secondary institutions in Malta. It is the only state run post-secondary school offering two year programmes for students wishing to continue their studies at University or Vocational College or to seek employment. The school offers academic courses at advanced, intermediate, and ordinary level that are suited to the individual needs of the student.

Every year the school prepares hundreds of students to further their studies at various tertiary educational institutions or to pursue a career. Most of our students achieve excellent results in external examinations. This, together with our efforts to mould the character of these young men and women, augers well for those who leave the school to face the challenges of the new millennium.

The school is very much aware of the lack of 21st century skills among the younger generation and feels that knowledge of such skills can enhance their employability prospects and helps them develop into more holistic persons. To this effect the school offers a number of non-formal programmes that focus on the acquisition of these skills and that are recognised at MQF level 3.

Most students are in the 16 to 18 year bracket but we also provide education for mature students. To this effect the school offers a specific programme for 18+ students for which more and more students are applying. The school also has a cohort of international students.

GCHSS’s ethos is focused on students. Our slogan is ‘empowering youths’ and staff and administration strive hard to empower students through formal and informal learning. The school organises a variety of initiatives, events, activities and projects. The school also has a number of support groups such as the guidance and counselling team that provides support and guidance to students related to careers, choice of subjects, personal development and psychological issues including stress, relationships, etc. The diversity group promotes participation of all irrespective of class, gender identity, age, ability/disability, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. There is a school representative council that is democratically elected every year and acts as the voice of students and liaises with administration on a regular basis.