Choosing Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that is particularly useful in science, architecture, engineering, business and computer science. The subject offers a practical outlook by formulating and studying mathematical models.

It includes topics such as Vectors, Scalars, Forces, Momentum, Couple, Work, Energy and Power. These concepts are applied to bodies in both linear motions and rotations.

Courses available

You can study Applied Mathematics at:

Course Prerequisites Duration Lessons Practical/Tutorial Sessions
Intermediate Level A minimum of grade 5 at SEC level or equivalent is required 2 years 3 lessons per week  N/A

Special Considerations

  • Matriculation Course students can choose both Pure and Applied Mathematics but not at the same level. Before choosing Applied Mathematics, the student should bear in mind that a good knowledge of Pure Mathematics is an asset.


Further Studies/Career opportunities

  • University of Malta
  • Institute of Tourism Studies
  • Careers in the public sector, commerce & statistics