Choosing Art and Art History

The Art & Art History course consists of practical and theoretical lessons. The course is designed to familiarise students with different techniques, concepts and possibilities. All students are required to undergo practical lessons in free-hand drawing on natural and life objects. Each student is required to complete studies in the human figure, contemporary art and three-dimensional projects in fine art.

All students are also required to attend History of Art lessons which cover 2000 years of historical art. This is intended to develop students’ critical powers to enable them to criticise and analyse different works of art.

Courses Available

You can study Art with History of Art at:

Course Prerequisites Duration Lessons Practical/Tutorial Sessions
Advanced Level A minimum of grade 5 at SEC level or equivalent is required 2 years 5 lessons per week *see below
Intermediate Level A minimum of grade 5 at SEC level or equivalent is required 2 years 4 lessons per week *see below
SEC level Subject must have been studied at SEC level 1 year  4 lessons per week N/A

Special Considerations

* At A Level students have 3 practical and 2 History of Art lessons

* At O Level students have 2 practical and 2 history of Art lessons

  • For Advanced and Intermediate Level it is strongly recommended that student have a SEC certificate in art at grade 4 or better.
  • Applicants with lower marks may be accepted only after presenting a portfolio with not less than ten drawings and paintings.

Further Studies/Career opportunities

  • University of Malta