Published on 20 November 2020

All 2nd year students sitting for the Matsec June 2021 SOK Exam are to forward a soft copy of the following 3 project components to last year’s assigned Tutor by the 23rd November 2020.  

  1. Written Journals including all evidence related to each Journal.
  2. Scientific Research
  3. Essay Draft.

It is essential that the first meeting should have already been held and that the five First Meeting questions on the Project Booklet have been answered. Following this, a Second Meeting appointment on MS Teams will be given to each student by the Tutor in order to discuss improvements on the project work. This meeting is to take place even if another subject lesson is on. Students are to show proof of the appointment to the teacher of the effected lesson if one has to leave the classroom or online lesson in order to do this online meeting with the tutor.

Failing to do the 2nd meeting, the project cannot be presented in January in order to be corrected and marked.