Biology Fieldwork 2022

photo of school fieldwork activity

Biology is the study of living organisms and all the factors that are essential for their lives.  The curriculum does not only entail learning in a classroom setting, but also advises for application of knowledge learnt in the actual habitat.

In this video, our A-level Biology students are doing fieldwork at Mosta, in a garigue and a maquis ecosystem.  The students were trained how to map a specific investigated area, how to generate random and unbiased samples, how to estimate population size and density using random sampling techniques and study zonation patterns using line and belt transects.

On Friday 6th May 2022, the A-level Biology students went for a Nature Walk in Selmun. On arrival, they enjoyed some team building activities and the laughter surely set them in the right mood to work! The teachers explained several concepts about the life cycle of plants, different adaptations, habitats, mode of nutrition, and some biological terminology. Students then started walking, stopping near different plants to take photos and fill in the information sheets. This activity ended with more fun activities organised by the teachers. Back at school, students and teachers summed up the information gained during this walk.