Choosing  Chemistry

As a discipline, Chemistry forms a big part of science. Chemistry is sometimes called the ‘central science’ because it interacts with other sciences such as Biology, Physics etc. Chemistry can be broken down into distinct disciplines such as Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic chemistry and Physical Chemistry among others.

Three different practicals (first year and second year Advanced and SEC level) are held every week in two fully-equipped laboratories. Most practicals simulate examination conditions, thus giving students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with exam questions.

Courses available

You can study Chemistry at:

Course Prerequisites Duration Lessons Practical/Tutorial Sessions
Advanced Level A minimum of grade 5 at SEC level or equivalent is required 2 years 5 lessons per week 1 tutorial & 2 practical lessons per week
Refresher Students must have previously completed the two year course in any institution 1 year 5 lessons per week 1 tutorial & 2 practical lessons per week
Intermediate Level No previous knowledge is needed 2 years 3 lessons per week No practical
SEC level Preferably subject must have been studied at SEC level 1 year 4/5 lessons per week 1 practical (1 lesson) per week if required

Special Considerations:

  • Advanced/Intermediate Chemistry cannot be taken with Intermediate Environmental Science.

The teaching programme is supplemented by:

  • Guest speakers from Science and Chemistry related faculties at the University of Malta and from other institutions
  • Visits to different relevant entities

Further Studies/Career opportunities

  • University of Malta
  • Institute of Tourism Studies
  • Careers as pharmacy/analytical technicians, science technicians in the education sector and support staff in veterinary services