ChemQuest 2022

group photo

On Friday the 13th of May, a group of 12 Chemistry students took part in ChemQuest 2022, a treasure hunt organised by Chemistry teachers Mr. Andrew Galea, Ms. Katryna Baldacchino and Ms. Maureen Vella.

The aim of this Quest was to put students’ knowledge and understanding of concepts learnt during Chemistry lessons to the test, in a fun and engaging way! Students had to solve riddles, pick questions from trees (or fish for them in slimy liquids), perform colourful experiments in the Lab and solve challenging Chemistry questions, all to unlock the secret code! The first group to unlock the secret code received gift vouchers, while the runner ups received book vouchers (kindly donated by the school). 

This amount of problem-solving would not have been possible without a good dose of energy, however this year we decided to further lessen our impact on the planet. ChemQuest 2022 was fuelled by 100% vegan snacks and meals, to show our love for animals and the planet. Moreover, all meals were home-cooked by teachers, and students brought their own cutlery and utensils to minimise the amount of waste generated. Questions and riddles were also hidden in recycled plastic bottles and glass jars.