Choosing Computing

Computing tackles the theoretical and practical aspects of how a computer solves tasks that would otherwise be too long or too daunting for a human to perform. Typical aspects covered include the CPU structure and how it processes code, number systems, logic, operating systems, systems analysis, program translation, networking, data structures and programming. For all levels the programming language of choice is currently Java.

At Advanced level candidates are required to sit for two written papers and submit a programming project.

At Intermediate level, candidates are required to sit for one written paper and submit one programming project.

Courses available

You can study Computing at:


Course Prerequisites Duration Lessons Practical/Tutorial Sessions
Advanced Level

A minimum of grade 5 at SEC Level or equivalent is required

2 years 5 lessons per week 1 tutorial per week
2 practice sessions per week
Intermediate Level No previous knowledge is required 2 years 3 lessons per week N/A

Special Considerations:

  • Computing, Advanced or Intermediate, cannot be taken with IT Advanced or IT Intermediate.
  • At Advanced Level Matsec may opt to substitute the programming project for a written form of assessment.

The teaching programme is supplemented by:

  • Guest speakers from IT and Computing related faculties at the University of Malta and from other institutions.
  • Visits to the different relevant entities.

Further Studies/Career opportunities

  • University of Malta
  • Careers in software development, web development and systems analysis.