Published on 19 October 2015

Previous scholastic years’ PROJECTS may be collected from the respective teacher between 21st Oct 2015, and the 24th Nov 2015.   It is strongly advised that students contact the teacher first in order to fix an appointment.  The teachers can be contacted on the following emails:
Computing I Level           Mr Joseph Galea              Lecture Block Lab             [email protected]
Computing A Level          Mr. Anthony Farrugia      Lecture Block Lab             anthony.[email protected]
IT Intermediate                Ms Claire Scicluna            New Block Lab        
IT A Level                           Mr. Duncan Dimech        New Block Lab                  [email protected] 
Please note that the students collecting the project must present  their ID card.  In case another person is sent to collect his/her project, both the persons’s ID card and the student’s ID card must be presented.  Projects which are not collected within the stipulated time specified by law, will be disposed of.