Admissions for Scholastic Year 2020-2021 are as follows:

Advanced, Intermediate, SEC/O Level (AIO)

Duration: Two scholastic years

Eligibility: see Entry Requirements below

Course Content: FOUR subjects: Minimum of ONE subject at Advanced or intermediate level THREE subjects at any level: Advanced/Intermediate/Sec level.

Students without any qualification in a third language are required to follow a Foreign Language Course.

Non-Maltese students will follow the course Maltese for Foreigners

Subject Choice: Students can opt to choose THREE subjects at Advanced Level or FOUR subjects as explained above (Course Content)

The subjects in every group can be found below.

Subject Group Information

Group 1: Languages


Group 2: Humanities

AccountingClassical StudiesEconomicsGeographyHistoryMarketingPhilosophyPsychologyReligious KnowledgeSociology

Group 3: Sciences

Applied MathematicsBiologyChemistryEnvironmental SciencePhysicsPure Mathematics

Group 4: Arts and Technology

ArtComputingGraphical Communication, Home Economics & Human Ecology, Information TechnologyMusicPhysical EducationTheatre & Performance Studies (Drama)SOK

*Systems of Knowledge (SOK) is compulsory for MC Course

Entry Requirements for AIO for Academic Year 2020-2021

Regular Students: Must be in possession of four (4) passes (*) at level 3.

Probationary Students: Must be in possession of any three (3) passes (*) at level 3.

(*) Passes must be in:

  • (i) the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) at Grade 5 or better or at Level 3 (as awarded in July 2020) OR
  • (ii) at SSC&P level 3 (as awarded in July 2020) OR
  • (iii) at DQSE accredited GEM 16+ level 3 (as awarded in July 2020)