Minimum of FIVE subjects at SEC/O level at grade 5/C or better. These include the core subjects: English, Maltese, Mathematics, and TWO other subjects.

A student can still apply for the MC course if s/ he has not obtained a pass in one of the core subjects but still has FIVE SEC/O level passes at grade 5/C or better. The student is given the opportunity to enrol for the missing core subject.

Course Content

TWO subjects at A level + THREE subjects at I level + Systems of Knowledge (SOK)
(+ 1 subject at SEC level if applicable)

Subject Choice

Subjects are divided into four groups. Students are to choose ONE subject from each of Groups 1, 2 and 3 and TWO subjects from any group. No subject may be taken at both A and I levels.


Group1: Languages

Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Maltese, Spanish

Group 2: Humanities

Accounting*¹, Classical Studies, Economics*¹, Geography, History, Marketing*¹, Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Knowledge, Sociology

Group 3: Sciences

Applied Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science*², Physics, Pure Mathematics

Group 4: Arts and Technology

Art, Computing*³, Graphical Communication, Home Economics & Human Ecology, Information Technology, Music, Physical Education, Theatre & Performance Studies (Drama)SOK

*¹ Only 2 of these subjects can be taken 2 together

*² Offered at Intermediate level only & cannot be taken with Physics, Chemistry, Biology

*³ Computing cannot be taken with Information Technology.