Published on 07 December 2016

On 6th December the Diversity Team at GCHSS organized a Disability Awareness Day with the aim of initiating a discussion on ways of creating a   more inclusive environment in the school.

The discussion was chaired by Mr Joseph Gauci, Assistant Head responsible for Inclusion at GCHSS, and participants included Mr Michael Debattista from Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), Mr Mario Muscat LSA at GCHSS, Ms Maria Munro, a student with visual impairment, and Ms Diandra Cajal, a student who took part in the wheelchair “experiment.”

The discussion focused on physical barriers as well as on the attitudinal barriers which need to be overcome in our school, as well as in wider society. As a concluding activity, students were asked to put forward suggestions on what can be done in order to foster an inclusive environment for all.

The Diversity Team would like to thank the Administration of GCHSS, members of staff for their participation and support, as well as the CRPD for their participation in this event.

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