Disability Equality Policy

Through its mission statement Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School aims to promote disability equality by providing for flexibility in the recruitment process of students with disability. These students are eligible to apply for the SEC Revision Course on completion of Form V at secondary level and participation in the SEC examinations. They need to fulfil the basic requirements in order to be eligible to apply for entry into the Advanced Level and the Matriculation Certificate Courses.

All applications are considered on individual basis. Students who require support must produce a Statementing Report or its equivalent. Applications from students with disability are processed in advance of the registration process so as to prepare for the individual needs requested.

Students with disability benefit from the following support structure:

1. An Assistant Head of School designated for the responsibility of inclusive education

2. A Learning Support Unit

3. Counselling and Guidance to help students with disability in:

  • their choice of subjects.
  • organising annually Individual Educational Programmes, MAP sessions, annual reviews.
  • personal counselling and special arrangements for the school and MATSEC examinations.
  • personal and social development sessions.
  • developing links with other agencies such as: ETC, MCAST, ITS, and the University of Malta.
  • empowering them to make their voices heard and to participate fully in the educational process.
  • the provision of other support services: a learning support assistant, peripatetic teacher, sign language interpretation, medical support.
  • the provision of any other support deemed necessary and appropriate.