Choosing ECDL

ECDL is available at a Standard level (formerly called Core) and at Advanced level. The new ECDL is made up of two categories; the Base Modules and the Standard Modules. The Base Modules are compulsory and consist of Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing and Spreadsheets. Candidates have to choose three modules out of the seven available Standard Modules which are Using Databases, Presentation, Image Editing, Web Editing, IT Security, Online Collaboration and 2D Computer Aided Design. The ECDL Standard Certificate is awarded to those who complete all four Base modules and any three Standard modules and is equivalent to one SEC level exam.

The ECDL Advanced course consists of four modules at a higher level: Advanced Word Processing, Advanced Spreadsheets, Advanced Database and Advanced Presentation. ECDL Advanced (all 4modules) enjoys the same parity of esteem as one Advanced level subject (MQF/EQF level 4).

Courses available

You can study ECDL at:

Course Prerequisites Duration Lessons Practical/Tutorial Sessions
Standard Level No previous knowledge is required 1 year 2 lessons per week N/A
Advanced Level No previous knowledge is required 1 year 3 lessons per week N/A

Special Considerations:

  • The University of Malta does not consider the ECDL Certificates for entry requirement purposes.

Further Studies/Career opportunities

  • The majority of jobs that require computer use, demand at least an ECDL standard qualification.