20 minute sessions: Ema Vella

poster showing jamming sessions


Jam Session: 28th April 2022

After concentrating for four lessons, absorbing all the academic knowledge, participating in discussions and working out past papers, it was time for a very well deserved break … and what a break! ! !

Eating lunch whilst admiring the great talents of Ema Vella, a recently discovered superstar from X-Factor Malta, accompanied live on the guitar by the professional guitarist, who is also a Religion teacher at GCHSS, Mr Jimmy Bonnici.

The large crowd which gathered in the school’s canteen was enjoying every interpretation, bursting out in applause and cheers at the end of every song. Many teachers and students joined Ema in several parts of the popular songs, but the climax was reached with the song Xemx.

It is evident how much Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School appreciates and promotes talents, and equally appreciates Maltese as well as foreign songs.

Congratulations Mr Bonnici and Ema Vella for a great gig!

Meet Ema …

Hello, I’m Ema Vella residing in Marsacala, Malta. As of young age, I was always intrigued by singing and the artistry it can create. At the age of 12 I began my journey in the music industry. It all began with vocal lessons and some small local competitions, which then turned into small competitions abroad.

Definitely the biggest moment in my musical career so far, was when I was able to compete and be part of XFactor Malta. As I was only 15 years old at the time, it gave me the opportunity to gather a whole lot of new experiences. Together with a Group I was part of, we achieved 3rd Place overall which for a competition of that calibre was a huge achievement for sure.

Currently I’m following my musical career as a solo artist and always aiming to produce the most artistic and inspirational music I can achieve.