Foreign Language Proficiency Programme (FLPP)

GCHSS is offering students an opportunity to further enhance their third language skills while pursuing their chosen course. The Foreign LanguageProficiency Programme is an accredited programme at MQF Level 3 (equivalent to a SEC O Level).

This one-year programme is primarily aimed at those learners who already have some knowledge of these languages and would like to improve their language skills for various reasons including employment, education and leisure. The hands-on approach adopted in this programme will enablestudents to achieve the required proficiency in the third language of choice. The skills practised in FLPP are listening, speaking, writing and reading..

Course Requirements

FLPP is offered in:


FLPP in any one of the above languages is compulsory for students enrolling in the AIO course. The school offers FLPP MQF level 3 to A/I/O students with an SPA level 2 or SEC grade 6 or 7 in their 3rd language. Students with no qualifications in a third language can follow a beginners’ course in a language of their choice.

Foreign Language Foundation Course (FLFC)

The Foreign Language Foundation Course (FLFC) offers an introduction to reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in Italian or French. AIO students who do not possess Level 3 or Grade 6/7 at SEC Level, or Level 2 (SPA) in a foreign language have to choose an FLFC in either Italian or French.