Published on 11 July 2020

Following the two webinars addressed by the head of school, these are our replies to the queries that were asked.

Application Criteria:

Do I need the core subjects – Maths, English and Maltese to follow the Matriculation course?

The minimum entry requirements for the Matriculation course are passes in ANY three subjects at MQF level 3. However, entry into University requires you to have Maths, English and Maltese subjects at MQF level 3.

If I do not have one of these core subjects, can I still follow the Matriculation course?

Yes you can still follow the Matriculation course. However it is recommended that you study to obtain this subject (Maths, English or Maltese) to be able to later study at the University of Malta.

What happens if I sit for the exams in September and fail to get pass marks?

As long as you have three subjects at MQF level 3 you can still follow the course you have enrolled for as a probationary student. You will be able to continue attending classes and sitting for exams as long as you regularly attend classes and submit assignments as per school policy.

Is there an enrolment fee?

No applications to register as a student at GCHSS are free of charge.

Probationary or regular student:

If I am registered as a probationary student and fail the exams in September, what happens to me?

Once you have satisfied the entry criteria for admission into a course, you will be allowed to proceed with your studies as long as you follow school attendance policy.

If I am registered as a probationary student and then obtain the necessary 5 subjects, what happens?

If you obtain five passes (including at least two subjects from Maths, English and Maltese) you will then become a regular student.

Foreign Students:

Do I have to pay a fee if I am a Foreign Student?

You need to contact MEDE to determine whether you are required to pay an entry fee or not.

Do I need to have a pass in Maltese if I am a Foreign Student?



How do I apply for a stipend?

You need to contact the stipends office at MEDE for the necessary information.

School Procedures:

Is there a minimum number of students for any subject?

As long as there are five students enrolled for a subject, classes will be held.

What is the maximum number of students in class?

The maximum number of students in classes is 25. In labs the maximum number is 15.

Do we have free lessons?

Your timetable may have specific slots where you do not have lessons. Also, Wednesday 4th lesson is always a free lesson to enable and encourage students to participate in the various non formal accredited programmes that the school offers.

At what time does the school start and finish?

School starts at 8.15 and finishes at 15.05 every day.

Is the library open after school hours?

No the school library is only open during school hours.


Is transport available for the school?

There are a number of bus routes that go through Naxxar and are within walking distance of the school. Bus route 43 has a bus stop one minute away from the school. There are also a number of private operators that offer services of transport to and from school. Details of these operators can be found on our website.

Support from Guidance:

Can I get guidance for the choice of subjects and course?

Yes the school offers a support service throughout the summer recess. You can call at school to fix an appointment so that you can discuss your options with our professionals.