Published on 02 October 2019

GCHSS will be once again holding a series of activities during Freshers’s Days at the start of the scholastic year 2019-2020. Students who have already registered with the school and prospective students who will be applying to join GCHSS after re-sit results are out are kindly advised to take note of the updated Freshers’ Days programme. All events and times of events can be found on the following links:

First Year Students: FRESHERS days – 1st year

Second Year Students: FRESHERS days – 2nd year

18+ Students: FRESHERS days – 18+

Students are kindly reminded that this programme may be subject to slight changes which will be notified to all in due course.

The student school calendar that highlights the main events to be held during the coming scholastic year can also be accessed through the following link:

GCHSS Students’ School Calendar 2019-2020