Published on 25 September 2017


This summer July 2017, the Chemistry Department at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School launched the Bristol Summer Camp.  It has been such a positive experience for both students and teachers that the Chemistry Department has decided to hold this activity on an annual basis. At the Bristol ChemLabS, first and second year students were given the opportunity to work in the UK’s Centre for Excellence where they focused on  the teaching and learning of Chemistry.  The teaching laboratories at ChemLabS are among the best of their type in the world.

The visit was spread over 3 days and included hands on experiments, demonstrations, tour of the hi-tech scientific equipment and lectures from University Professors.  The experiments include extraction and analysis of caffeine, synthesis and analysis of benzocaine and production of perfumes besides others.

The experience gained by the students will surely help them both in developing skills necessary for the A-level examinations and for their future careers in the scientific field. Moreover it presents Chemistry as an interesting and enjoyable subject.


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