Published on 28 November 2018

As part of the various initiatives our school undertakes every year, GCHSS is today launching a series of weekly short programmes under the title of Empowering Youths which is the school’s slogan. 

Every Wednesday, GCHSS will be presenting a new programme that discusses one of a variety of topics with some of the school’s professional members of staff. 

The School’s professional counsellor  will be tackling various emotional and psychological issues that students may be experiencing and the support provided at school in this regard. Various academic and career related issues will be discussed with the school’s professional career advisor. Some programmes will also explore the various initiatives taken by GCHSS to equip  students with skills that will make them more effective citizens and workers in the 21st century.

Although  these programmes are geared towards GCHSS students, these may also be of interest also to students in other secondary and post secondary institutions as well as parents and guardians of teenage students.

In the first episode the school counsellor explains the support services offered by the counselling team at GCHSS. This can be accessed by clicking on the video below: