German Talk Show

Photo of five students
30th March marked another successful German Department event.
Students studying German at Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary had the opportunity to perform a German-language Talk Show (one of the PASCH Projects) in front of H.E. Mr. Walter Haßmann and other distinguished guests.
This topic, “Bullying among Youths,” was chosen to relate to the literature book we are studying in class. The author of this book, Ms. Susanne Wittpennig, made this event more memorable by joining us live online during the talk show. Different secondary school students studying German joined us in this occasion and had also the opportunity to become acquainted with our school.
Special thanks go to Leah Cauchi, one of our 1st year German Intermediate students, who delighted us with her marvellous voice.
Certificates were awarded to Biorni Dani, Baraa Ahmad Ibou, Alec Wille Piscopo, Abigale Gioia, and Dimitiros Pipi for their dedication in preparing for this talk show and to Kathleen Flask for her outstanding performance and motivation throughout her two years in our school.
The German Teacher Ms. Ritianne Curmi and the Head of Department (SOK), Mr. George Gauci, will accompany the students to present their talk show in Hamburg on April 25th.