Published on 18 February 2019


Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School is currently participating in an Erasmus+ Project on Entrepreneurship with four other schools from UK, Austria, France and Finland. As part of this project a group of 5 students from Malta joined 6 students from France and 11 students from Austria for an Entrepreneurship Education in Europe (EEE) week in the Business Academy in Vienna.  During this week the main objective was for students to acquire a range of skills that would enrich their entrepreneurial skills.

Working in groups students had to apply the concept of up-cycling by creating a product from scratch. Students had to go through all the stages of NPD meaning from the concept idea to commercialization.  This project benefits all students coming from different disciplines and cultures to be better prepared for the workplace and to have a wider range of life skills. Participants learned about the cultural, professional and social realities of the host country and could therefore integrate more easily on their mobility experience.