Choosing Graphical Communication

A two year course offered to our students which leads to a Matsec certificate at advanced level. The course includes various areas of studies including types of 3D illustrations, plane and solid geometry, Orthographic projection and more. At A-level, students are required to sit for two papers, paper one deals with the overall principles and techniques of drawing while paper 2 is more design oriented where students need to prove their creative abilities.

Students are also offered lessons in Computer Aided Design (CAD), as part of their Matsec syllabus. A portfolio of work is gathered during the two year period and presented to Matsec at the end of the course.

Further Studies/ Career opportunities

  • University of Malta
  • Careers in engineering, design and as technicians

Recommended Textbooks

Students will be informed at the start of the course.

You can study Graphical Communication at:

Course      Prerequisites Duration    Lessons Tutorial sessions     
Advanced Level No previous knowledge is required 2 years 5 lessons per week

2 Computer Aided Design tutorials per week
1 tutorial per week