Published on 17 March 2020

17th March 2020

Dear Parents and Students,

At this particular and difficult moment for all of us it is important that we all think outside the box and distinguish ourselves through our approach and way of doing things.

The present circumstances we find ourselves facing are an understatement if we just call them challenging.  Our institution has always been determined and unwavering in light of the unexpected, for our care, our dedication and our priorities lie with the well-being and education of our students.  Even in these trying times, we try to bring about a sense of perseverance, hope and continuity to all those involved in this mission.  Educators at GCHSS have already started reaching out to students to support them even further in the process of teaching and learning.  Our educators are already using various online technologies to make sure that students do not fall back in their studies.  The school is committed to develop even further our Management Information System to provide further tools for an adequate implementation of the curriculum.

On the other hand, students must be serious, disciplined and committed to continue studying and to put more time and energy in study tasks.  Neither the students nor us educators are on holiday so it is necessary that all students utilise this time at home to read, to study and to engage more with online learning experiences.  At this particular point in time, it is crucial that all students take control of their teaching and learning, be proactive, innovative and creative to continue their education journey in the best way possible.

GCHSS has always had a professional team of administrators and practitioners who hold dear to their hearts our beloved students.  Presently educators are working to provide assistance and material to students and trying to adjust to this new reality for all of us.  As a forward thinking institution we will be embracing a culture of constant readjustment, of constant retranslation of our methodologies in order to balance these trying times with hope, humanity and progress.

Although our doors are closed, our expertise, our dedication is not inaccessible, our hearts are not protected by steel or rock.  We are still active and very much alive to the demands and needs of everyone.

We wish you all to be safe and secure, to be responsible and to be assured that you are all important and cared for.

Best Regards and Stay Safe,

Gaetano Calleja

Head of School