Message from the Head of School

Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School (GCHSS) is one of the leading post-secondary institutions in Malta. 

It is the only state run post-secondary school offering two year programmes for students wishing to continue their studies at University or Vocational College or to seek employment.

With over 35 years of history in the education sector, GCHSS is one of the oldest post-secondary institutions in Malta providing academic courses at Advanced and Intermediate level for students over 16 years of age. We offer courses and programmes both at a formal/academic level as well as on a non-formal level. 

The school never rested on its past success but continued to be creative and innovative in the field of further education in order to stay relevant in this day and age. 

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that GCHSS is providing the general public and particularly students over 16 years of age, with a dynamic, fresh and forward-looking website. We invite all students to browse through this website to familiarise themselves with our courses and the school in general. It also provides the link to our digital prospectus together with the link to apply for one of our courses for academic year 2023-2024. 

This website makes your journey into further and higher education easy and accessible from the comfort of your home. 

Come and join us at GCHSS. We wish you all the best 6th form experience possible. 


Anna Spiteri
Head of School