Published on 02 December 2019

For the past three weeks students forming part of the Non-Formal ESD Award have been targeting Water and Sustainability Development Goals. Following a discussion of what SDG 14 (Life below Water) entails and its implications, the group performed a beach clean-up with Ms Cami Applegren at Qalet Marku on Sunday 17th November 2019.

On the 16th December the students will once again be participating in a beach clean-up at Ġnejna. During the event they will also be attending for the release of a rehabilitated turtle by Nature Trust officials. A cheque with a donation collected from last month’s fund-raising activity will also be presented to the president of Nature Trust.

The group is also currently involved in gathering information about Bull rays. Bull rays are extremely rare throughout the Mediterranean region. Higher Youths will be helping SharkLab shed more light on the Bull ray habitat around the Maltese islands since these have been spotted in this region during the hotter months. Snorkelling in search for Bull rays and a visit to the new SharkLab labs are scheduled for the next semester.