Published on 13 July 2018

On Wednesday 11th July GCHSS held two information talks for prospective students and their parents. Both the morning and the evening sessions were addressed by the head of school, Mr Gaetano Calleja, who provided key information about the courses and offered at school, facilities and support provided and the school ethos. Mr Calleja also explained the new programmes that will be launched by the school as from next scholastic year. Details of such programmes can be found in the prospectus.

Prior to the head of school’s speech, a panel discussion about the importance of 21st century skills in the place of work was held. Ms Edel Cassar, head of the National Council of Skills within the Ministry of Education and Employment  and guest speakers from various industries explained the importance of such skills to  the audience. These are the skills that the school is targeting through the new non-formal accredited programmes.

A summary of the key points discussed can be found through the following link: