Published on 30 January 2019

GCHSS students taking Intermediate PE classes took part in a Treasure Hunt organised by the PE department during libary week.  The aim of this activity was to make the students aware of the various books and journals available in the school library which offer invaluable information for their PE lessons and to widen their knowledge on other health related topics.  This activity also challenged the students’ abilities to cooperate in a group setting and to offer opportunities for leadership in a friendly  but competitive setting.

Each class was divided into four groups and each group had four tasks to complete.  Two tasks were to take place in the library and the other two tasks in the football pitch and surrounding areas.  The fastest group to complete the tasks won points according to how well they completed the tasks assigned.

The students’ response was quite positive  and they took part in this activity with enthusiasm.  In fact, 2nd year students were disappointed that they could not participate.