Linguistics Olympiad

On Wednesday 15th November, Professors from the Institute of Linguistics and Language Technology at the University of Malta will present an information session on the 2nd edition of the Linguistics Olympiad in Malta. During this plenary session, the linguistics games and puzzles similar to those which will have to be solved during the Olympiad will be supplied to the students and solutions will be discussed. No prior knowledge of linguistics or languages is required, as even the most challenging problems only require logical ability, patient work and a willingness to think outside the box.
Interested teams of students will be coached by University of Malta staff and prepared for a local competition against students from other 6th Forms. This year, there is the possibility for the winning team to participate in an international competition.
This is open for all students, but for 1st year students in particular since the main event will be carried out towards Easter. The event will be held in the school hall at 10.05.