The school is offering prospective foreign students a course in the Maltese Language at MQF Level 1 (for first year students) and at MQF Level 2 (for second year students). By the end of this course students should have basic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the Maltese language. Since the language is associated with the country this course helps the students explore the Maltese culture, geography, place names and way of life.

Maltese is the national language of Malta. Besides that it is an official language of the country and one of the official languages of the European Union. A basic knowledge of the Maltese Language will help all foreign students feel at home in Malta and feel part of the community. Besides this, knowledge of the local language will increase their opportunities of employment in the future.

Level 1 (first years) 3 lessons a week 

Level 2 (second years) 4 lessons a week

Recommended Text Books

Level 1

  • My First 750 Words in Maltese by Charles Daniel Saliba; 978-99957-826-1-0 
  • Maltese Grammar Essentials in Context by Charles Daniel Saliba; 978-99957-826-0-3
  • Speaking Maltese by Charles Daniel Saliba 97899957-826-2-7

Level 2

  • More Words in Maltese by Charles Daniel Saliba 978-99957-46-56-8 
  • Maltese Grammar Essentials in Context 2 by Charles Daniel Saliba 978- 99957-877-1-4
  • Speaking Maltese 2 by Charles Daniel Saliba 978-99957-826-3-4