Choosing Physics

Physics is one of the natural sciences and it forms the basis of all the sciences. The study of physics is about matter and energy, forces and fields, waves and particles, space and time. In this subject, students study what makes the universe work.

At Advanced level students delve deeply into the subject and learn how to obtain and analyse data from experimental work. This, in turn, will give them a profound understanding of the subject. New topics like capacitors and quantum theory are introduced, while other topics are expanded and explored more thoroughly.

The Intermediate level expands on the SEC level content and introduces some new topics, like capacitors and electric fields.

Courses available

You can study Physics at:

Course Prerequisites Duration Lessons Practical/Tutorial Sessions
Advanced Level

Physics SEC Level, preferably grade 4 or better Maths SEC (paper 2A)

2 years 5 lessons per week

1 tutorial per week 1 practical (2 lessons) per week

Intermediate Level

Physics SEC Level Maths SEC Level grade 6 or above

2 years 3 lessons per week  N/A

Students must have previously completed the two-year course in any institution

1 year 4 (I)/5 (A) lessons per week

1 tutorial per week 2 practical sessions per week

SEC Level

Subject must have been studied at SEC Level

 1 year 4 lessons per week  N/A

Special Considerations:

* Maths SEC Paper A covers topics which are used at Physics A Level. Hence students who sit for Paper B will struggle with some topics if Physics is chosen at A Level.

  • For SEC level Revision, no practical work is done at school– the mark given for laboratory work is carried on from secondary.
  • Intermediate/Advance Physics cannot be taken with Intermediate Environmental Science.

Further Studies/Career opportunities

  • University of Malta
  • Institute of Tourism Studies