School Assessment Policy

Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School has an Assessment Policy based on Students’ engagement, retention and continuous evaluation.  The Academic Year is spread over                   3 Terms:

1st Term: October till December

2nd Term: January till March

3rd Term: April till June

Attendance is compulsory for all Courses and a minimum of 70% of Attendance needs to be reached in order to be eligible for Tests/Examinations and to continue with the Course. Poor Attendance and unsatisfactory Academic performance can lead to the termination of Students’ registration with the School.

1st Term:

During this Term the Academic Report includes:

  • Attendance Mark (70% the minimum expected)
  • Continuous Assessment Mark (50% passmark)
  • Tutorials/Practicals Mark (50% passmark)

In January a Parents’ Day for all students is held at School to discuss students’ progress with parents/guardians.

2nd Term:

During this Term time-tabled Tests are held for 1st Year Students and MOCK Exams are held for 2nd Year Students.  These are held at the beginning of March.

To be eligible for Tests/MOCK Exams, students need to have not less than 70% of Attendance. Marks for Continuous Assessment and Practical/Tutorials will be also included in the 2nd Term Academic Report.

3rd Term:

First Year Students have their Final Academic Report based on: Attendance, Assessment, Tutorials/Practicals and End of 1st year Examinations.  These are held in June and Students are Promoted to 2nd Year on the following criteria:

  • Pass from all June Exams
  • The overall evaluation of 3 Academic Reports
  • Did not fail in more than 2 Exams

Students who fail in more than 2 Exams and who have an overall Academic Reports below the minimum standard required in Attendance, Continuous Assessment and Tutorial/Practicals will NOT BE PROMOTED to 2nd Year.