School Attendance Policy

  1. Regular attendance is required of our students in the study courses of their choice.
  2. Moreover, STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO SHOW INTEREST, MOTIVATION AND COMMITMENT. In the case of prolonged unsatisfactory progress, they may be asked to discontinue the course.
  3. Students are duty to bound to follow their school timetable. Unjustified absence from lectures (even one lecture) on any school day leads to the deduction of that day’s stipend.
  4. Attendance for tutorials and practical sessions is obligatory.
  5. Unjustified absenteeism leads to dismissal from school and, eventually, to the termination of registration.
  6. Students’ attendance is recorded daily. In each lecture the teacher fills in the official Students’ Attendance Form which is then handed in to the clerks every Friday.
  7. Students are not accepted for lectures if they report late without justification. Parents are informed about students’ habitual absences.
  8. Students reporting sick must be covered by a medical certificate.
  9. Requests for exemption from lectures for examinations, interviews, medical appointments, bereavement, and other valid reasons must invariably be approved in writing by the School Administration to be considered valid.
  10. Students must show their medical certificates or exemption notes to their teachers and afterwards forward them to the clerks’ office.
  11. Students are allowed 15 days sick leave per scholastic year against a medical certificate. Students who are absent for more than 70% of lectures in a term, even if covered by medical certificates, are NOT allowed to sit for the end of term written tests. Moreover, the Head of School, in such cases of absenteeism, may request students’ termination from attending GCHSS.
  12. Students who feel sick during the day and need to go home, must
    inform Ms Templeman, Ass. Head. If Ms Templeman is out of office,
    the student may go home and then bring a written note from his/her
    parents/guardians. The note must then be presented to Ms
    Templeman the next day.

    Students who are sick for just ONE day, must present a note from
    their parents/guardians and then handed in to Ms Templeman the
    day after.

    Students who are sick for more than one day are to be covered by a
    medical certificate covering the days of absence. Medical certificates
    have to reach the clerks’ office, Administration Block, Room 1, by not
    later than 5 working days.

  13. In order to sit for final examination and to be promoted to 2nd Year the student must obtain a minimum of 70% attendance, a minimum of 50% marks in course work, and a minimum of 45% marks in the annual exam. A student who fails in one exam only, whether at Advanced or Intermediate Level will still be promoted. If a student fails in more than one subject the student will not be promoted.