School Data Protection Policy

AIM Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School retains and processes information on staff and students to carry out its administrative and educational functions according to the Data Protection Act 2001, the Education Act, and other subsidiary legislation. For the provision of the Data Protection Act, the Data Controller is the Head of School

STAFF School staff members provide personal information to the school when they fill in the Personal Information Form. Staff information files are retained by the Head of School. Personal information is stored on the computer systems of the Head and the Assistant Head in charge of processing this information to the Education Division.

STUDENTS Students forward personal information to the school through their application. This information can also be forthcoming from the Education Division and the students’ previous schools. The School retains, processes, analyses, and assesses students’ personal data to provide them with the educational service provision of their study courses. This information is retained in document form by the Assistant Head in charge of processing students’ information. This information is also kept on the School Administration computer systems and can be accessed and used by the School Administration, the Guidance Office, the School Secretary and Clerks, Subject Coordinators and the Teaching Staff. This information is also forwarded to the various departments within the Education Division.

PROCESSING OF VISUAL IMAGES The School is responsible only for visual images taken by school representatives.

RIGHTS Staff and students have the right to request, in writing, information on their personal data retained by the school, and to rectify or erase personal data that is not processed in accordance with the Act.

While the School may periodically request staff and students to reconfirm their personal data, they are expected to inform the school immediately with any changes of their personal data.

A written request for a copy of the full School Data Protection Policy can be forwarded to the Head of School.