School Tours during Freshers’ Days

The school administration wishes to inform students that as part of Freshers’ Days the following school tours for the new students will be organised. This will help new students to familiarise themselves with the school environment. Students are free to join any of the school tours listed below.

Meeting point will be outside the main door of the Administration Block at the time indicated:

Date Time
Wednesday 28th September 2022 9.00am
Wednesday 28th September 2022 10.00am
Wednesday 28th September 2022 11.00am
Wednesday 28th September 2022 12.00pm
Thursday 29th September 2022 9.00am
Thursday 29th September 2022 10.00am
Thursday 29th September 2022 11.00am
Thursday 29th September 2022 12.00pm
Friday 30th September 2022 9.00am
Friday 30th September 2022 10.00am
Friday 30th September 2022 11.00am
Friday 30th September 2022 12.00pm
Monday 3rd October 2022 11.00am
Monday 3rd October 2022 12.00pm

Furthermore, the school administration also wishes to inform students that as part of Freshers’ Days the following stands will be set up in the school foyer, Administration Block:

  • Maintenance Grant Office
  • EUPA
  • Superintendent of Cultural Heritage
  • Aġenzija Żgħażagħ

Kindly visit the stands at your convenience.

Last but not least, the school administration wishes to inform all students that the timetables for scholastic year 2022-2023 will be issued soon. More details will be given to you during the meeting with the Head of School.