Standards of Behaviour

1. Discipline and general school standards are the responsibility of all members of the staff at all times, whether they are in or out of the classroom. Overlooking bad behaviour amounts to condoning it.

2. Whether certain behaviour is considered acceptable or not depends on the situation and the circumstances of the case, but there are certain types of misdemeanour which are not tolerated. These include:

  • disturbing the class, disrupting the lesson or disobeying specific orders of the teacher
  • eating in lecture rooms, laboratories, or in the Administration, Library, Lecture, and New Blocks
  • damaging school property or committing acts of vandalism
  • littering
  • fighting
  • improper language
  • intimate behaviour on the school premises
  • smoking

3. Moreover, students must ensure that mobile phones are switched off during lectures.

4. Incidents of improper behaviour which teachers feel they cannot handle themselves are referred to the Subject Coordinators and to the School Administration for the necessary action, which may include suspension, forfeiting the maintenance grant, and even the termination of registration.