Published on 08 October 2020

Which of my lessons are online and which are face to face?

You should have received an email providing you with the necessary information about which of your lessons will be online and which will be face to face. If you have not received this email, kindly click on the following link:

I have issues with my timetable. What should I do?

You should have received an email with your timetable. If you have not received this email or have clashes/missing subjects/duplicate subjects, you have to contact Ms Claudia Vella, assistant head in charge by email on: [email protected] . STUDENTS ARE KINDLY ADVISED THAT THEY ARE NOT TO COME TO SCHOOL UNTIL THEY RECEIVE THIS INFORMATION.

I do not have an ilearn account yet/I cannot access my ilearn account

For all issues related to your ilearn account kindly contact the Directorate for Digital Literacy on 25981564 or via their Facebook page – Digital Education in Malta. YOU NEED TO ACTIVATE YOUR ILEARN ACCOUNT TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVE EMAILS FROM THE SCHOOL.

Can I follow lessons from home?

Students who are vulnerable, in quarantine, or positive to COVID-19 need to provide the school with relevant documentation. This has to be sent to the school on [email protected] Each case will then be assessed by the administration.

Why are some lessons online and some face to face?

This depends on the size of the group and the capacity of the classroom, while respecting the health protocol and social distancing.  If the group size is larger than the capacity of the classroom, that lesson will be held online.

When will online lessons start?

You will be receiving a link in MyTeams to join online lessons. You shall start your lessons online once you receive this link from Teams.

Where can I follow online lessons?

You can follow online lessons on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere on the school campus, such as the hall, library, canteen, any empty classroom or the school grounds.  Should you have only online lessons on one particular day, you should follow the lessons from home.  Online lessons for some subjects will begin when the system is fully functional.