Choosing The Art of Drama (MQF 3)

For the past eleven years, GCHSS has regularly produced plays for Drama Day Celebration, which is held during the month of March to celebrate the UNESCO World Theatre Day (March 27th). Plays produced come from a selection of International and local repertoires.

Drama lessons and rehearsals are held during free lessons and the course is set on a minimum two-year cycle. These lessons are held in the school hall and are conducted between the months of October and May. Upon completion, students obtain a certificate.

During the first year, students are provided with basic knowledge, training and skills for performance. This leads to a solo performance filmed on camera. The more experienced second year students are directly involved in the March production. Repeating students are also accepted to further their studies as third-year and fourth-year drama students. Drama Troupe accepts GCHSS alumni to participate in its production.