Published on 26 September 2018

The Bystanders Project (Speak Up / Speak Out) addresses the problem of Sexual Harassment. The project is funded by the EU Daphne programme and it seeks to develop a new approach to sexual harassment in schools.

The University of Malta, University of Porto, London Metropolitan University and two Human Rights NGOs from Slovenia are collaborating on this project.

The Department of Gender Studies at the University of Malta is in charge of the project in Malta. Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School was one of the schools chosen for the pilot project and subsequently also chosen for the actual project. A number of workshops were held with male and female students in the school throughout the months of December 2017, January and February 2018.

During the workshops the trainers from the Department of Gender Studies worked to increase knowledge and raise awareness about sexual harassment, as well as motivate and empower bystanders to stop sexual harassment.

The information collected during the workshops was shared with teachers who participated in the project. The Guidance team together with the Diversity Team and other teachers, worked with a number of students on the feedback collected through the workshops.

Following the completion of the workshops, students and teachers organised a Sexual Harassment Awareness Day where information on the subject was displayed and disseminated to students. Students were also asked to take a stand against sexual harassment by making a statement and taking a photo displaying their statement.

In addition, the School is working on developing a policy on sexual harassment and plans have been made to organize a number of activities for the forthcoming scholastic years.