The Diversity Group

The GCHSS Diversity Team aims to celebrate all forms of diversity in society. Diversity is central to the school ethos. This is enshrined in the school’s Diversity and Equality Policy.

The Diversity Team aims:

1. To continue creating an inclusive culture:

• By promo ng social inclusion a tudes and prac ces among SMT, teachers/sta members and students;

• By iden fying the needs of students with speci c needs and/or in par cular circumstances and advocate on their behalf.

2. To promote inclusive attitudes and practices within the school and in the classroom (by creating activities which increase awareness) and challenge discriminatory attitudes and practices.

3. To promote the celebration of diversity in all its forms.

4. To promote the participation of all (irrespective of class, gender identity, age, ability/disability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs) students within the diversity team/school activities.

The Diversity Team is an opportunity for all students to organise events and develop their communication and leadership skills.

Contact Information:

  [email protected]