The Youth Hub is a non-formal educational service provided Youth Hub offers an informal and recreational environment through which young people learn to build healthy and positive relationships. Through it students are encouraged to participate in projects and initiatives that enhance both their personal and social skills, thereby upgrading their educational attainment and employability. The organisation empowers young people and motivates them to take responsibility for their actions both as individuals and citizens.

The Youth Hub is situated in Belvedere Block Room 18.. It is open every day between 8am and 2pm. It boasts 2 XBox One, billiard, table tennis, table soccer, air hockey, and a chill out area. Every day during the fourth lesson, students gather in the chill out area for talks, discussions, and/or other activities that relate to a topic which is chosen every week. At this time all other activities at the Youth Hub stop. They resume just after the fourth lesson in time for the break.

Find us in facebook – Agenzija Zghazagh Youth Hub-GCHSS.

Youth Hub