Choosing Theatre and Performance Studies

At Advanced level, Theatre and Performance studies gives candidates the opportunity to explore theatrical events as phenomena which involve communities. As an area of study and research, theatre studies investigates the performative nature of these events, how communities express themselves through performance, the contexts and structures within which they operate, and the reasons and outcomes of this behaviour. The field of theatre studies investigates how people relate to their immediate social, political, and religious contexts, and how these in turn inform the performance of events. Theatre studies therefore deals with the aesthetics and ethics of performance.

At Intermediate level, in theatre studies, 60% of the global mark is based on Theory and Theatre History (Ancient Greek, Renaissance and Modern), including Maltese post-war theatre history. The other 40% is based on Theatre Practice. The latter is divided between Collective and Solo performances. Students have to perform both individually and in a group and are expected to provide documentation of their activities in two separate log books. A Solo Presentation carries 20% of the global mark. A Devised Collective Presentation carries 20% of the global mark.

You can study Theatre and Performance at:

Course Prerequisites Duration Lessons Practical/ Tutorial sessions
Advanced Level Knowledge of Theatre and Dramatic Art is required 2 years 5 lessons per week

1 practical session and 1 tutorial per week

Intermediate Level No previous knowledge is required 2 years First Year:3 lessons per week Second year: 2 lessons per week 1 practical session per week*

Special Considerations:

  • A good command of English is required.
  • First year students are advised to enrol in the Non-Formal accredited Award The Art of Drama (pg 113).
  • *Practical session for devised collective performance is offered to 2nd year students.

Recommended Textbooks

Students will be informed at the start of the course.

The teaching programme is supplemented by:

  • Guest speakers.

Further Studies/Career Opportunities: 

  • University of Malta
  • School of Performing Arts