Published on 04 November 2015


6th November 2015 – School Hall @ 12.00pm till 1.30pm.

Spazju Kreattiv and Agenzija Zghazagh invites GCHSS students to a theatre play BabyDaddy.  The synopsis of the performance is the following:

The storyline follows the story of Matt – a seventeen-year old, popular and smart, cocky at times, but likeable. He dreams of becoming a world-class photographer, but right now all that matters is receiving his exam results and being promoted to second year sixth form, after which he’s all set to enjoy what promises to be the summer of his dreams.

However, on the day his results are due, he lands another piece of information: his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. Matt’s world collapses in a matter of seconds – what happens now? The next nine months will prove challenging on a number of levels – Matt must now face his family and friends, his ex-girlfriend, a great deal of multitasking and ultimately…parenthood!

The theatre play deals with the pressures of balancing teen-life and life-long dreams with the colossal responsibility of early parenthood.


For more information contact Loren Falzon at the Youth Hub.