20 Minute Sessions: Tristan & Kurt


The 20 minute sessions continued today in the school canteen.  Once again, staff and students enjoyed some classic hits, such as Beggin’, Your Man, Uptown Girl and the much loved L-Ewwel Tfajla Li Ħabbejt and Inti Djamant, interpreted by two other GCHSS students – Tristan Micallef and Kurt Calleja.


Who are Tristan and Kurt?

Tristan Micallef

Singing is my life. I have been singing ever since I was 5 years old when I first attended stagecoach (a school of Performing Arts: drama, singing and acting). I took up singing not only as a hobby but also as a commitment. In fact, I started attending private one-to-one sessions. My love for singing kept growing as I competed in local festivals. I was one of the participants in the ‘Muzika Muzika – l-Vjagg ikompli’ programme that aired on TVM from Octomber to December. I was also part of this year’s Muzika Muzika festival as we were invited as guests to sing a tribute for Enzo Guzman. Music is my passion and my dream is to keep growing in the music scene both local and abroad.u

Kurt Calleja

My name is Kurt Calleja an I am 16 years old. I have been playing the drums for 12 years and I am sitting for my diploma exam in June. I started playing in hotels at around 8 or 9 (with my dad) and now I am playing in weddings with a band. I also play classical percussion such as Xylophone and Timpani. In terms of singing, it is a sort of hobby, I never attended any singing lessons but I sometimes practise alone. In the future, I would like to continue my career as a drummer, playing in weddings, gigs and maybe orchestras and start teaching drums to those in love with percussion.


Do you want to participate?

All students (and staff!) wishing to participate in the 20 Minute Sessions are to contact Mr Jimmy Bonnici, religion teacher.