UPDATED: Timetables for Students

drone shot of a school

Dear students,

Timetables are currently being sent.  Technical issues regarding the timetables and their delivery have been sorted.  All registered students should be receiving their timetables shortly.

Those students who did not receive their timetable are kindly asked to contact the school by email on gcurmi.hss@gov.mt with the subject Missing Timetable. You are kindly asked to wait for it before coming to school.  Please rest assured that you will not be affected in any way if you cannot attend school tomorrow due to timetabling issues.

Those students who have missing or inaccurate details in their timetable should also contact the school by email on gcurmi.hss@gov.mt. Otherwise, students should attend lessons as per timetable.  Please rest assured that you will not be affected in any way if you cannot attend a particular lesson due to timetabling issues.

Students who cannot attend tomorrow due to transport related issues will also be excused from lessons.

The school apologises for this delay and any inconveniences that may have arisen.

We look forward to seeing you.



1. What do the room allocation abbreviations mean?
NB – New Block
LB – Lecture Block
Adm – Administration Block
AA – Administration Annex (this is part of the Administration Block)
BB – Belveder Block
BS – Backstage (access is from the square above the chapel)

2. Where are the classrooms in my timetable?
Classrooms are located in the respective blocks.  For more information, view the interactive school map here: https://www.gchssprospectus.com/gchss-map/

3. What time are lessons?
1st Lesson: 08:15-09:10
2nd Lesson: 09:10-10:05
3rd Lesson: 10:05-11:00
4th Lesson: 11:00-11:55
5th Lesson: 12:20-13:15
6th Lesson: 13:15-14:10
7th Lesson: 14:10-15:05

4. How do I read my timetable?
Subjects have a three letter code, followed by a dash (-) and then a letter to indicate the level (O,I,A) and a group number.
Example: MAL-A1.2 refers to Maltese, A Level, Group 1.2,
ESC-I2.4 refers to Environmental Science, Intermediate Level, Group 2.4,