Useful Information & FAQs for new Students

Welcome to GCHSS!  Below are some of the questions we were asked by new students during the information meeting by the Head of School.  Should you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


What are the school hours?
The first lesson starts at 8:15 and the last lesson ends at 3:05.

How long are lessons?
Lessons are 55 minutes long.

What time are lessons?
1st Lesson: 08:15-09:10
2nd Lesson: 09:10-10:05
3rd Lesson: 10:05-11:00
4th Lesson: 11:00-11:55
5th Lesson: 12:20-13:15
6th Lesson: 13:15-14:10
7th Lesson: 14:10-15:05

Are there breaks between lessons?
Break is between 11:55 and 12:20.  There are no other breaks between lessons.

How many lessons will I have every day?
The timetable has 7 lessons per day and a 25 minute break.  This does not mean you will have 7 lessons, it depends on the subjects you have chosen and the course you are following.

When will I receive my timetable?
Timetables will be sent before the first day of lessons.

Will lessons be held on campus?
In line with health regulations, GCHSS will be holding lectures on campus for the time being.

Will we have online lessons?
Online lessons will take place only in two circumstances: when a teacher is in quarantine or if the health department requests all schools to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If a teacher is in quarantine, and I have an online lesson, where should I stay to follow the online lesson?
You should follow the lesson from the usual allocated classroom.

When I am sick or in quarantine, can I follow my lessons online?

Will the canteen and library be open?
Yes, each with their own protocols.

Will gyms and sports facilities be available?
For the time being, these facilities are not available.  However, they might open at a later stage, in line with protocols and directions provided by the respective authorities.

Where should I sit in class?
Every teacher will keep a class map for each lesson, for contact tracing purposes.  For each lesson, you are to sit in the same allocated place throughout the year.

What are the school COVID-19 protocols?
The COVID-19 Policies are available here:

What if I am caught breaking any protocol or school policy?
You will be given a written warning on the first offence.  If you are caught breaking rules again, this can lead to your exclusion or termination.

Is there a dress code I need to follow?
Kindly view the relevant section in the following link:

Should I download the GCHSS app?
Yes, once the app is available it should be downloaded. On the app, you will find useful information relevant to the school and features such as downloads and a place where you can input your timetable. The app is also needed to enter the school campus.  Information regarding the app will be provided in the coming days.

Who can access the school?
Only students and staff are allowed to enter school premises.

Can I leave the campus during the day and re-enter?
Yes.  However, the school will always take your temperature upon on re-entry.

Will unvaccinated students be allowed to attend campus?
Both vaccinated and unvaccinated students will be allowed on campus.

Where can I see my timetable and cancelled lessons?
These will be available on MySchool.

How can I access my profile on MySchool?
MySchool is accessible through your iLearn account.  Once you receive a notification that your iLearn account has been created, you will be able to access MySchool.

What is the attendance policy?
Kindly view the relevant section in the following link:

What should I do if I am sick or need to miss a lesson?
Kindly view the relevant section in the following link:

How do I get promoted to 2nd Year?
Kindly view the relevant section in the following link:

Who can I contact if I need any assistance regarding lectures, timetables and other course related information?
You may contact the Guidance and Counselling unit on or the School Administration on

Who can I contact if I need any assistance regarding personal matters?
You may contact the Guidance and Counselling unit on

Who can I contact if I need any assistance regarding my maintenance grant (stipend)?
Kindly view the following link: 

Can I apply for a course once applications have closed?
A second call will be issued after the publication of the SEC Second Session results.  No probationary students will be accepted in the second call.

I applied for a course/subject but would now like to change it, can I do this?
For now, no changes are accepted.  At the end of October the school will open an Add/Drop Period to change subjects or course.

I chose a subject and I am sitting for the exam this October.  If I pass, what do I do?
You will be allowed to drop the subject when the Add/Drop Period opens.  Your stipend will not be affected.

Will GCHSS use MS Teams?
Yes, MS Teams for each class will be available.

How will I submit my assignments?
This is at the discretion of each teacher – assignments will be submitted either physically or through MS Teams.

If I did not confirm my application, what can I do?
Email the school on as soon as possible with your details: name, surname, ID number, course and subjects chosen.

Can I use my laptop during lessons?
This is solely at the discretion of the teacher.

Can students enter school with their own vehicle?
Yes, all students can enter with their vehicle and must park within the blue lines near the main entrance.

Should I buy materials/books before starting my course at GCHSS?
Any books or materials that are necessary for some subjects are listed as required texts/materials on the prospectus. For those subjects were no books or materials are listed, teachers will inform you at the start of the course, during the induction sessions.

How can I change my status from a Probationary Student to a Regular Student?
You must either pass from the October 2021 examination session or achieve satisfactory progress during the school year.